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We appreciate you supporting local fisherman

Thank you Ketchikan  
Thank you Coffman Cove
Thank You Wrangell

Thank you Petersburg

Thank you Juneau

*Sold Out 2023* 
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We are a small family business. Joshua Moore has been fishing all his life. He grew up fishing with his father Jim Moore on the FV ALJAC. He has owned and operated fishing vessel Vulcan from 92-2004. He purchased the FV Castaway in 2004 with the idea he will someday go tuna fishing. Joshua longlines Halibut and Sablefish IFQ's. He salmon trolled until 2009. In 2012 Joshua decided it was time to outfit the Castaway to go albacore tuna fishing on the West Coast of Washington, Oregon and California. We have the state of the art technology and a freezer system he designed to have built.  


Joshua has been bringing a quality product to market for over 20 years. In 2014 we saw in opportunity to bring a product to Alaska. He loved meeting customers and seeing old friends through-out our great Southeastern Alaska. His wife Victoria and son Alex joined in helping to sell tuna off the boat in Juneau and Sitka. The Moore family will continue to offer up something different to your dinner table. Stay tuned for updates here and on Facebook when they will be in your town in Southeast Alaska.  

How to loin out Albacore Tuna

YouTube #Filleting Albacore Tuna (by: arodgerbrown)

YouTube #How to Fillet an Oregon Albacore Tuna 


The basic instructions are:

“For raw pack tuna, no added liquid is needed. Salt is optional. ( if you choose to add salt its just a small pinch) Adjust lids. Process half-pints and pints for 100 minutes at 10 pounds pressure (weighted gauge) or 11 pounds pressure (dial gauge). Increase pressure for higher elevations (see table in your canner booklet).”


4.5 pounds of loin meat will make 12 half pints

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